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I have a CPA, an MBA, and a general love of all things business. My passion for what I do sets me apart.


With over 45 years of legal experience and knowledge, I am prepared to handle your case with confidence.


I'll work collaboratively with you to determine the legal option that best fits your lifestyle or your business.

Business Litigation & Estate Planning Attorney in Detroit, Michigan

Robert Hindelang

Robert L. Hindelang, MBA, CPA

Attorney at Law

I earned my J.D. from the University of Detroit Mercy in 1975 and since then I have helped countless clients and businesses navigate legal issues and reach favorable solutions. I have a CPA and an MBA, both of which make me the perfect partner for your business litigation or estate planning needs. Whether you need trusted advice for decisions regarding your business, want to plan for the future of your finances, or need assistance collecting debts you are owed, I aim to help. I am extremely passionate about the areas of law that I practice, so you can rest assured that I will take your case seriously and advocate for your best interests.


"When you work with me, you put your trust in a true professional. I get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible."

Robert L. Hindelang

Estate planning made easy

Planning for the future of your assets can seem overwhelming, but taking action today is the best way to ensure that your loved ones don't have to stress down the line. Working with an experienced attorney can simplify the estate-planning process.

Whether you need to draft a will, create a medical power of attorney, create a general or financial power of attorney, designate beneficiaries, or create trusts, I am able to help you. Together, we can do what is necessary now, so that your family does not have to endure the arduous and painful process of probate once you have passed. My background in the world of finance has given me the tools necessary to help you make smart financial decisions for the transfer of your property and distribution of your estate.

I will take the time to get to know you and your unique financial situation so that I can guide you toward the options that best fit your needs and wants. Estate planning is a highly personal area of law, which is why you want an attorney by your side who will help you make the legal decisions that are right for you and your family.

Don't wait to plan your estate. Reach out to Robert Hindelang, P.C. today to schedule a free consultation to discuss the future of your assets. Together, we can come up with a comprehensive plan that will give you peace of mind. I am proud to serve clients in Detroit and Grosse Pointe, Michigan, as well as Wayne County, Macomb County, Oakland County, and St. Clair County.

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Protect your business & Get the results you deserve

I am passionate about all things business, so I understand that your business, and its success, are incredibly important to you. When your business is threatened by a potential lawsuit, it can be devastating. I can help. No matter the legal issues you and your business are faced with, a skilled business litigation attorney can fight for your best interests and advocate for you.

Breach of contract, fraud disputes, non-compete issues, and IP disputes are just a few of the legal problems that your business can run into. My MBA and background as a CPA have prepared me to handle these issues and more. The moment you sense a lawsuit is looming, contact me for guidance. I will fight for you and your business from start to finish.

Being proactive about potential legal issues is the best way to keep your business on track and keep yourself out of the courtroom. Speaking with a business litigation attorney upfront before you're faced with a potential lawsuit can help you make legally sound decisions and keep your business on track.

Additionally, I strive to help your business collect outstanding commercial debts. Collection agencies offer the bare minimum and don't truly care about your business' well-being. I will do everything in my power to get you the payment you're owed, even if it requires going to court. Take action today by setting up a consultation. I serve clients in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding counties of Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, and St. Clair.